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What is SBDM?


The Short Answer: SBDM stands for Site Based Decision MakingIt is a committee that helps set goals for the school and advises leadership in a collaborative way

The Long Answer: It is a process for decentralizing decisions to improve educational outcomes through a collaborative effort by which principals, teachers, campus staff, parents and community representatives work together to assess educational outcomes, determine goals and strategies and ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement.


How do I get involved?


If you are interested in learning more and/or joining the 2022-23 committee, please contact Jami Kalmbach at ghesbdm@gmail.com.

The SBDM Committee is open to parents, school staff, community members (within the school zone) and business partners (within the district).  Members are required to complete an online training and will serve on one of the following sub-committees which meet separately as needed (determined by sub-committee chair); sub-committees report out to the full committee during full meetings.


2022-23 SBDM Sub-Committees & Chairs:

  • Evaluation & Modification (Campus Improvement Plan), James Hall
  • Coordinated School Health/Safety/Security, Lisa Fleury
  • Diversity & Inclusion, Brittany Cox
  • Curriculum/Instruction & Special Programs (IB, Dual Language, Special Education, Early Childhood), Sabrina Melton
  • Communication & Change Management, Stuart Reeves



Click here to see previous meeting recordings, agendas & minutes, by-laws, subcommittee information, etc.

Please contact Jami Kalmbach (SBDM Chair, 2021-2023) at ghesbdm@gmail.com with any questions about SBDM.


2022-23 SBDM Committee Officers:

  • CHAIRPERSON:  Jami Kalmbach, Parent
  • VICE-CHAIRPERSON:  James Hall, Parent
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION OFFICER: Brittany Connor, Teacher
  • FACILITATOR/TIMEKEEPER: Cynthia Teter, Teacher
  • SCRIBE/RECORDER:  Corrine Vitz, Teacher

Meeting Schedule:


2021-22 Full SBDM Committee Meetings are posted below and on the school calendarand will be held on campus in the CafeteriaSubcommittee meetings are determined by subcommittee chairs and will be posted on the calendar as they’re scheduled.  Login information will be shared with committee members via email.


Meeting agendas are set by the Principal and SBDM Chair and communicated to the committee 48 hours ahead of each meeting.  Requests to add agenda items must be submitted to the Chair @ ghesbdm@gmail.com no later than 72 hours prior to the meeting, and will be included in the agenda if the topic is relevant to the objectives of the committee and if time allows. 


Upcoming Full SBDM Committee Meetings:


APRIL: 05/02/2023, Tuesday @ 6PM 

Zoom only - details to be shared with committee members




MAY:  05/16/2023, Tuesday @ 6PM

School Cafeteria and Zoom